4 Ways To Link Your PAN Number With AADHAR Card Number

Below are the 4 ways to link your PAN number with AADHAR number.  Linking both of these are mandatory for filing Income Tax Returns after 01 July 2017.  Still many people are facing problems in linking them.  Income tax department has given many ways to link both of them.  Most people are facing problem due to mismatch of name in PAN and AADHAR.  In some cases mismatches are due to date of birth and Gender 🙂 too.

4 Ways To Link Your Pan Number With AADHAR

  1. Link PAN Number With AADHAR without Login on Income Tax E-filing website

    Do not have login details to login to Income tax efiling website?  No problem.  Now you can link without any login.  Link aadhar with pan number without login .  You will find the page like the screenshot as below

    4 ways to link your pan number with aadhar - without loginEnter your PAN Number, AADHAR Number and Name (Make sure the name is as in AADHAR). If only year is printed on aadhar under date of birth, click the checkmark.  After entering the OTP received from UIDAI, both will be linked if there are no noticeable mismatches.

  2. Linking AADHAR with PAN By SMS

    As most people are facing problem with online filling of forms, IT department has introduced SMS Option.

Send SMS to 567678 or 56161 in the following format.

UIDPAN <space> 12 digit aadhar number <space> 10 digit aadhar number.  SMS Charges apply

Example of linking pan and aadhar through SMS

UIDPAN   123456123456 AAAAA1111A  (Replace AADHAR and PAN Numbers with Yours)

        3.  Linking PAN and AADHAR After login to Income Tax E-filing site

In my earlier article on how to link your aadhar with pan

 I gave a video description how to do it.  For that you need to login to the website with your pan number and password.  In the video I have even shown how to change name, date of birth etc in aadhar.  It can be done online too if AADHAR is linked with mobile number to receive OTP (One Time Password). If you can not receive AADHAR OTP, then only option is to visit nearest AADHAR Center. In case you have not viewed it, below is the video.

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CKDGNhsYqCE” width=”700″ height=”440″]https://youtu.be/CKDGNhsYqCE[/su_youtube]

        4. Linking AADHAR with PAN Through offline Form

While above 3 options out of 4 ways to link your pan card with aadhar are free of cost (Except SMS Cost through sms), this is chargeable.  If above options of online mode does not work for you, then you can visit your nearest pan center

Fill the form below ( You can take a printout of the same)

form for linking aadhar with pan number offline

Right click on the image and save or take a print out to link your aadhar with pan number using form offline.  If there are major mismatches in data in aadhar and pan, then biometric authentication is mandatory. Also carry original PAN Card and AADHAR Card while visiting pan centers to link your pan card with aadhar in offline mode.

Without doubt, first 3 options (online) are more convenient as they can be done from home or office.  They can be done even from mobile phone too.  Last option involves visiting a location where pan center is located.  You can find your nearest pan location from the link given above.

As it is mandatory to link both these numbers to file Income Tax Returns, there is no choice.  The last date to file the Returns for this assessment year is 31st July.  If you are like me, you might not yet file them (And thats the reason you are still reading it 🙂 ). This year there are additional details that need to be filled like cash deposits during demonetisation period (Nov 2016 – Dec 2016).  Waiting till last moment is not a wise step.

Link your pan and aadhar now if not done already.  File Returns before 31st july and Have peace of mind.

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