Check How Many Mobile Connections In Your Name – Financial Frauds Awareness

Link for the website to check how many mobile connections in your name: Many of the financial frauds are taking place through mobile and fraudsters are using other people data to get the SIM cards for their fraudulent activities. If unchecked, people in whose names these connections are in trouble in future. It is better to check if any unauthorised mobile connection exists in your name and report them to DOT for deactivation. Earlier there was no option to know how many connections exists in once name. But now with the introduction of new web portal by The Telecom Analytics for Fraud management and Consumer Protection, which is a Department of Telecom concern, one can easily check how many telephone connections exists in their name. The process to know number of mobile connections active is simple. visit the website with the link provided at the top of the description and enter any one of your active mobile numbers. You will receive a OTP on this numbers. By entering the OTP and validating it all the mobile numbers active and linked to your name will be displayed. As per DOT an individual can have a maximum of 9 mobile connections. If you find 9 or less numbers in your name and if you need all of them, then no further action is required. You have option to select the Required Numbers only OR Option to select Not Required Numbers and report to DOT for further action. If you notice any numbers which are not applied by you, they can be reported as Numbers not owned by you and the same will be deactivated by telecom service provider. After reporting one of the options, a reference ID is provided to track the status of your request. This facility will help to know the mobile connections in your name and block any unwanted or unauthorised numbers to avoid problems in future.

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