Month: November 2013

Margin Shortfall Penalty Percent-Conditions

Short Fall Penalty on Margin Shortage / Non-Collection Of Margins: Equity Derivatives and Currency Derivatives Margin Shortfall Penalty is levied in Equity Derivatives and Currency Derivatives segments if sufficient margins are not maintained in client trading account. This Penalty is applicable for positions taken in Futures and Options Segment and Kept open over night.  For …

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Delivery Brokerage Calculator-NSE,BSE,MCX-SX

Brokerage Calculator for Delivery Delivery Brokerage Calculator is for traders and investors of Indian Stock Exchanges (NSE, BSE, MCX-SX). Other useful Brokerage Calculators which are useful for equity, commodity and currency traders and investors are Intraday Brokerage Calculator, Futures Brokerage Calculator, Options Brokerage Calculator, Options Brokerage Calculator for STT Calculation of Options Expiry Date, Commodity …

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