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SGXNifty updates (Live Prices, charts, Historical Price data) can be easily accessed from your desktop and mobile devices.

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We have published an android application for mobile users.  By Installing this sgxniftylive application, visitors can access website from the app without any need to bookmark their favourite pages.  All new pages and tools added to the website can be accessed without any further updates to the app.

Or simply scan the below QR code with your smart phone to install this android app and access sgxnifty updates live.

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Apart from other tools like trading levels, brokerage calculators, daily futures margin files etc, traders of Indian markets find sgxnifty updates useful to track markets.  As Singapore Stock Exchange where SGXNifty trades even after closing of Indian Markets, it offers updated view of probable nifty opening on National Stock Exchange of India.  Even while Indian markets are closed due to holidays, SGXNifty may discount the news coming from all over the world.

For Example Indian Stock Markets are closed at the time of writing this due to holiday on the eve of Bakri ID. But Singapore Stock Exchange is open and SGXNifty is trading at 6089 (Down 21 points from previous close).

Some of the important resources that can be accessed from about SGX Nifty are

SGXNifty Live Auto Updated Prices:  Access Live information of SGX Nifty of 6 contract months for both E series and E* Series.  Trading in E* series starts in the evening session while E series trading is in the morning session (E Series Contracts in SGX trades from 06:30 to 15:40 Hrs Indian Time. E* series contracts trade from 16:45 to 23:30 IST).

SGX Nifty Historical Price Data In Excel : Last 10 days trading data is displayed on the page.  You can also download historical data of SGX Nifty traded on Singapore Stock Exchange since its inception in excel.

SGX Nifty Pivot Points:  SGX Nifty Pivot points (Standard Pivots, Camrilla Pivots, Woodie Pivots and Fibonacci Pivots) are displayed on the page. These pivot points are end of the pivots based on the previous day data of SGXNifty.

Pivot points are calculated with previous day data of High, Low and Close.  Usually Closing Price on the Indian Markets is based on the weighed Average Price of last 30 minutes trading data.  This prevents manipulation of closing price by placing manipulative orders at the time of market closing.  But please note that SGXNifty pivots are calculated using Last Price which is Last Traded Price.  Historical Data also is available as Open, High, Low and Last Price (For Indian Markets historical data is available as Open, High, Low, Close and Last Traded Price).