SGX Nifty Live Rates

SGXNifty live prices and historical data of excel, live auto updated sgxnifty charts, sgxnifty pivot points for support and resitance levels and more at one place. SGX Nifty Live prices are from SGX exchange in singapore, in which SGXNifty is trading since 2000. Introduction of SGX Nifty on Singapore Stock Exchange allows better risk management for investors, particularly FII's. Trading in SGX Nifty takes place on SGX exchange in two contracts namely SGX QUEST (T) for which SGX Nifty Live Rates are available from 09:00 Hrs to 18:10 Hrs. SGX Nifty Live Rates for the contract SGX QUEST (T+1) are available from 19:15 Hrs to 02:00 AM (All the timings are Singapore Standard times). As India Standard Time is 02:30 Hrs behind Singapore time one can watch SGX Nifty LIve Rates from 06:30 AM IST.

SGX Nifty Live Prices (Change in Today's SGX Nifty Value)

current SGXNifty Live Rates - SGX Nifty live Values of different contract months for both T and T+1 contracts

SGX Nifty gives an indication of what will be the opening of Nifty on National Stock Exchange of India. As the long duration trading on SGX Nifty allows FII’s to take positions in SGX Nifty which acts as a proxy to the Nifty index of NSE. As important events take place even after closing of Indian markets, the price sensitive information after Nifty closing will reflect in SGX Nifty which trades even after closing of Indian Markets. At present No individual securities of Indian market are traded on SGX. Although SGX Nifty traded on SGX gives an indication of how the underlying index (CNX Nifty), there may be variations in the value traded on both exchanges due to many factors. Some of the factors that influence the difference between these two are currency fluctuations, liquidity (Liquidity is very low on SGX for SGX Nifty compared to CNX Nifty traded on National Stock Exchange of India). The difference is more when there are major news in european and american markets. Although SGX Nifty Live Rates gives a fair idea about where CNX Nifty may open, one should not consider it as a trading tool. Even the rates may be little different as there is upto 1 minute delay in update. Please visit SGX Website to learn more about SGX Nifty Live Rates and trading information. current sgxnifty price update is slightly delayed. Current value of sgxnifty should not be taken for trading decisions as it is not a reliable indicator to trade Indian Nifty based on Singapore Nifty index prices. Volumes at times are very very low and does not indicate a true market value. The table of sgx nifty current values is auto refreshed.