Scripwise Weightages In Sensex- Aug 2014

Stocks Weightages in BSE Sensex

Table below shows the scripwise weightages in sensex updated in August 2014 . The values of scripwise weightages in sensex are calculated on the free float method and is reviewed and changed periodically. You can check latest values of scripwise weightages in sensex.

Weightages of sensex stocks is Last Updated in August 2014.

scripwise weightages in sensex updated in August  2014

Earlier BSE used to publish monthly reports with each stock weighatage in the sensex, beta values, monthly returns etc., But now this data is not available (Atleast not visible even after searching on bseindia). The values of sensex stock weightages above are calculated using market capitalization method and is believed to be accurate and is purely for information and education purpose only.  These are not to be used for taking any trading decisions.

Bombay Stock Exchange’s popular index is S&P BSE SENSEX.  It is widely tracked all over the world as a barometer of India’s progress.  It is traded internationally on the EUREX and on the leading Stock Exchanges of the BRCS nations namely Brazil, Russia, China and South Africa.  Bombay Stock Exchange is established in Mumbai (Earlier Known as Bombay) in the year 1875 and it is Asia’s first stock exchange.

Every exchange will assigns weightages to the most widely traded stocks on the exchange which constitutes Index of the Exchange. Scripwise weightages in sensex is made to construct the popular index SENSEX.  Sensex consists of most widely traded 30 stocks of BSE.  Although sensex consists of 30 stocks and Scripwise weightages in sensex is made on the basis of market capitalization of each stock included in it, top 6 stocks namely ITC, RIL, Infosys, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank and HDFC weighs more than 50% and the remaining 24 stocks weighs less than 50% of the index.

As new scrips enter into the exchange or due to some corporate actions like delisting, buy back of shares etc., there will be changes made to this weightages and will be notified by exchange in advance through circular.  Adding or removing any stock from index will have high impact on the price of the subject stock as many fund manager are obliged (Particular index funds which invest in sensex and follow passive investment style) to adjust their portfolio with new scripwise weightages in sensex.

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