currency brokerage calculator

Currency brokerage calculator is a simple online calculator. Use it to calculate net profit or loss after taxes and brokerage. Enter Values in the white cells in the below calculator for calculating Net Profit or Loss.

Some brokers charge a maximum of Rs 50 as stamp duty. If such slab is applicable then Select Max 50 from drop down box. No Max is default value if your broker charges stamp duty without any limit. In any case, this is applicable only if total turnover crosses 25 Lacks.  (Thanks to Mr Tallam Gopi Ravi Krishnan for providing this input)

Online Currency Brokerage Calculator

Updated with increased 14.5% service tax wef 15 Nov 2015

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Buy Price is the Price at which price transaction is executed for buying the currency futures contract. If contracts are traded at multiple prices, average traded price should be used.

Sell Price is the price at which sell transaction is executed for sell order.

Lot Qty is Lot size of the currency futures contract. Default value of 1000. Even for JPY-INR it is valid as exchange rate is 1 INR = 1000 Yen. Even though contract size is 1,00,000 Yen, lot size is 1000 for determining turnover.Online Currency Brokerage Calculator

No of Lots indicates total no of lots traded for which net profit / loss to be calculated using this online currency brokerage calculator.

Brokerage is one side brokerage payable in paisa. For example 0.01 indicates 1 paisa brokerage on turnover.  Usually, brokerages charge this on both sides of transactions separately.

Other taxes are calculated automatically. If any change is required in changing values of taxes, that can be done. It may be necessary if there is change is any tax that is chargeable.

currency brokerage calculator automatically displays two values which are Net profit or loss from the transaction without brokerage charges or other taxes.  It is simply the difference between buy and sell price multiplied by lot size and no of lots.  Net profit or loss displayed at the end of this online currency brokerage calculator is after taking into consideration brokerage and taxes which most traders look for.

Buy and Sell prices can be entered upto 4 decimal values. In currency futures, tick size is 0.0025 for trading in National Stock Exchange of India. As exchanges may offer differentiated products there may be little variations in the way these values are determined.

In India currency trading is offered in NSE-SX, MCX-SX and USE which are major trading exchanges. Currency pairs allowed for trading are USD-INR, EUR-INR, GBP-INR , JPY-INR.