intraday brokerage calculator

Intraday brokerage calculator is for equity segment of Indian Markets. It can be used to calculate total brokerage, total taxes and net profit after brokerage and taxes. Also check Futures Trading Brokerage Calculator if you are a derivatives traders. Taxes vary between futures and options segment and cash segment.

Intraday brokerage calculator

Updated on 15 November 2015: Increase in service tax from 14% to 14.5%

There is no need to download excel file to calculate your net profit with this intraday brokerage calculator. All calculations can be done online and will be updated instantly.  No of shares, buy price, sell price and brokerage needs to be entered. Other taxes that are charged on equity segment of Indian Stock Exchanges are Turnover Tax, STT (Securities Transaction Tax), Stamp duty, SEBI Tax and Service Tax.  Service intraday brokerage calculator - a quick glance imagetax is levied on the total brokerage charged by broker.

All the taxes except brokerage and service tax on brokerage are fixed and can not be changed by investor / trader.  But if one can reduce brokerage then service tax (in rupees) will also be decreased. It helps to increase total net profit and taxes and brokerage related charges.

Intraday traders usually generate huge volumes and book profits for a short movement in prices. For traders it is very important to know the break even price. Break even price will be sell price minus buy price excluding brokerage and taxes.  This intraday brokerage calculator helps to simulate the break even price after initiating a trade.

One caution for traders is, this online intraday brokerage calculator does not take into consideration minimum brokerage. Some brokers charges minimum brokerage of 25, 30 and above even though actual brokerage is less than the amount. For Example at a brokerage rate of 2 Paisa, one needs to pay 30 rupees brokerage on a turnover of 1,50,000. But even if total turnover volume is less than that, (for example 25,000), traders still need to pay minimum brokerage of 30 rupees, if brokers minimum charge policy applies.