T2T Group Stocks Revision – 06 Aug 2014

Revision of Stocks From / To Trade to Trade Segment From 06 Aug 2014

T2T group stocks revision on both NSE and BSE will be effective from 06 Aug 2014.  Stocks are moved from Normal Rolling Settlement to Trade to Trade based on the Exchange’s  Surveillance action and SEBI’s Circulars and Directions.  Once the stock moves to T2T Segment, all trades will result into compulsory delivery.  It effectively means there will not be any manipulations during intraday trades.  Circuit Filter for Trade to Trade segment stocks is 5% or less as applicable.t2t group stocks revision - shifting of stocks from normal to t group and back

         Download T2T groups stocks revison list – BSE

                Download T2T groups stocks          revison list – NSE

T2T Group Stocks revision – BSE & NSE

In BSE 39 Stocks are moved from Rolling Settlement to T Group.  373 Stocks which are earlier in T group will remain in that segment.  In Total, 412 Stocks will trade in BSE in T group from 06 Aug.  Similarly, 559 Stocks are moved back to their original group from T group.

In NSE, 11 Stocks are moved from EQ (Rolling Settlement) to BE (Trade to Trade Segment). 28 Stock continue to trade in BE Segment. Gulf Oil Lubricants will be moved to Rolling Settlement only wef 14 Aug 2014.  87 Stocks will be in BE group due to SEBI Directives / Circulars.  261 Stocks will be moved from T2T group stocks to Normal Rolling Settlement.

Exchanges continuously monitor stocks for abnormal price and volume actions along with quarterly reviews.  Most of the stocks are moved to Trade to Trade segment during quarterly reviews but if abnormal price/volume behaviour is observed, the stock can be moved to T Segment at any time.

In NSE Stocks in the T group are denoted by BE Series where as in BSE, if a stock moves to T2T group stocks list, it will have scrip category as T.  As both exchanges have synchronized mechanism, commonly listed stocks will always be in T2T group, even if the criteria to include is fulfilled in only one exchange.

Also you can read more about t2t stock selection conditions.

Circulars for Revisoin in T2T group stocks are published in cirucular section of exchagne websites. Download the circular of NSE for the revision at NSE/SURV/27268