Revision In F&O Lot Sizes- from 01 Nov 2013

Revision in F&O lot sizes

Futures and Options Revised Lot Sizes

Revision in f&o lot sizes in futures and options segment (Derivative Contracts) on individual stocks will be effective from 01 Nov 2013. National Stock Exchange has vide the circular Ref No 076/2013 Dated 30 Sep 2013 has announced these changes.  Revisions are made periodically to adjust the lot sizes of securities so that their lot value is above 2,00,000 as required by SEBI. SEBI has issued a circular CIR/DNPD/1/2012 dated January 2, 2012 inthis regard. If stock price increases too much in value since last revision, lot sizes will be reduced to reduce lot value and vice versa.

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Revision in f&o market lots – Individual stocks in NSE

In this latest revision of f&o market lots which will be effective from Nov 01, NSE has revised 8 underlying individual stocks downwards in even multiples of old lot sizes. For the below mentioned 8 contracts effective date in revision will be 01 Nov 2013 for all contract months. revision in f&o lot sizes - Even and Downward

Asianpaint (Asian Paints Limited) whose present f&o lot size is 1250 is revised to lot size of 500. The effective date shall be 01 Nov 2013 for contracts of January 2014 and later expiries.  It means November 2013 and December 2013 contracts of Asianpaint will trade in old lot size of 1250.   This is due the fact that, odd lot size revisions will be difficult to implement in existing contracts which are already available for trading.

Further, as a part of the rvision in f&o lot sizes, lot sizes of 38 securities are revised upwards.  These revised lot sizes in f&o segment of National Stock Exchange of India will be effective from 01 Nov 2013 for January 2014 contracts and later expiry.  Old lot sizes will be effective for existing contracts expiry (Nov 2013 and Dec 2013).  Due to operational difficulties revised lot sizes of uneven size and lot sizes for securities which are revised upwards are not implemented for already existing contracts.

List of Revised F&O market lot sizes of 38 stocks revised upwards

revised fno lot sizes - 38 contracts whose lot size is revised upward   futures and options lot sizes of 83 individual securities are not effected by revision in fno lots on individual securities announced by nse on 30 Sep 2013.

List of 83 Securities with unchanged fno lot sizes

83 stocks with no revision in fno lot sizes

National Stock Exchange of India has announced this revision in fno lot sizes vide their circular Referene No 076/2013 and Download Ref No : NSE/FAOP/24604 Dated September 30, 2013.

Update on 23 Sep 2013:  Revision in f&0 lot size of Federal Bank will be effective from 17 Oct 2013.  This revision in lot size of federal bank is due to split in face value from 10 to 2. Old Lot of Federal Bank is 500 and new lot size of Federal Bank will be 2500. (This update is already accounted for in the above list of revisions). Special mention is made about this corporate action in the above list of revised fno lot sizes of individual securities.