Trading Time Change 2014 MCX NCDEX

Extended Trading Hours In MCX and NCDEX 2014

Trading time change (Extended hours due to day light savings) will be effective from 03 Nov 2014. Every Year Indian commodity exchanges adjust their evening trading session timings in March and November. This is to match the trade timings of international commodity exchanges. Timings will be changed for Bullion, Metals, Crude, Internationally linked Agri Commodities from 11:30 Hrs to 11:55 Hrs. The timings will be changed back to 11:30 Hrs from 06 March 2015.

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NCDEX announced the change of extended trading hours effective from 03-11-2014 vide circular No NCDEX/TRADING-152/2014/324 dated 20 Oct 2014.  MCX issued circular on 27 Oct 2014 notified the change in evening hours trading on MCX for commodity trading.

Trading Time Change in Commodity Exchanges from Nov 2014


[su_note note_color=”#37e4d4″ text_color=”#fff”]Daylight Saving Time (DST) is a way of making better use of the natural daylight by setting your clock forward one hour during the summer months, and back again in the fall. Some countries world wide use DST but many other Do not use.[/su_note]

Particulars of Commodity Current Trading Timings New Extended Evening Trading Timings

Agri Commodities 10:00 AM to 05:00 PM 10:00 AM to 05:00 PM (No change)
Bullion, Metals, Crude, Internationally linked Agri Commodities 1000 AM to 1130 PM 1000 AM to 1155 PM

Similarly the timings on commodity exchanges are reduced from 1155 Hrs to 1130 hrs in the month of March. At present Trading in commodity exchanges is held only during week days from monday to friday. Earlier practice of conducting trading on saturdays is discontinued. In the initial phase trading on saturdays is discontinued only in Non-Agri Commodities. Trading time change will give additional 25 minutes time for traders during this extended session.

These extended trading hours inline with other inter-national commodity exchanges helps to avoid major discrepancies.