SIP Returns Calculator With Custom Values

SIP returns Calculator in the post can be used for all Systematic Investment Plan investments done over a period of time.  SIP investments can be in any instruments like equities, mutual funds, gold or any other asset.

Enter Your SIP Amount for displaying Values

How to Use SIP Returns Calculator

Input can be entered in the yellow colour cells in the above SIP Returns Calculator.  By default the calculation is made for an investment of Rupees 10000.  The amount of Systematic Investment Planning (SIP) can be changed as per your requirement to any amount.  Just click on the Yellow cell beside “Enter SIP Amount per Month”.

The default accumulated amounts shown are for the periods of 10,15,20 and 25 years.  Similarly, interest rates that appear in the table are 10,15,18 and 20%.  Two cells in the table are left blank to enter any custom time period and expected return on investments.  Even all the time periods and interest rates can be changed to desired values by typing in the yellow cells in the sip returns calculator.

After entering the monthly SIP amount in the SIP Returns Calculator, the first row in the table displays total amount invested.  This will change if duration of investment is changed in the first yellow cell.

This helps to compare returns across various time periods and possible rate of returns.  What is most striking after comparing the returns on SIP investments is, the longer the time you give for your investments, more are the returns.  This is due to the magic of power of compounding on the initial amounts invested.  It is said that time you give to your investments to grow is more important than timing the market.

In fact, over a period of time, it hardly matters at what levels you invested but what matters is how long the investments are made.

Start your SIP (Systematic Investment Planning) today for creating wealth.  SIP is a method of investing where regular investments are made irrespective of the price of the asset being invested.  SIP’s are mostly done in equities due to the fact that this asset class has proven record of providing highest return across all asset classes available for investing.  But SIPs need not be solely in equity mutual funds and can be combined with other asset classes like Gold.  But to gain most over a period of time, maximum percent of amount can be allocated to equities.

As stated earlier this calculator helps to simulate possible returns and does not indicate it is possible. In investments it is true that risk is directly proportional to reward.  Although it sounds good to get 20% returns, it is linked with high risk too. Usually, mutual fund investments in long term gives better returns. In short term they are highly unpredictable due to the nature of markets