Reliance My gold plan review

Reliance My Gold Plan Review

Reliance My Gold Plan Review – Reliance precious metals (Reliance Gold) in association with World Gold Council launched Reliance My Gold Plan.  To take the advantage of unorganized physical gold market reliance launched this scheme.

Reliance My Gold Plan Review – Important features

–  Each month amount is split into 20 equal parts and purchases are made in 20 days at the prevailing market price thus reducing volatility risk and market timing risk. It is done with daily average method.

–  Monthly subscription and addition subscription can be as low as 1000/- and in multiples of 100/- thereafter.

–  Tenure ranges from 1 year to 15 years. After tenure completion renewal can be made for maximum cumulative accumulation of gold.

–  Can convert accumulated gold to coins/jewellary as reliance my gold plan has empaneled prominent jewellers around the country.

–  Post 1 year, no premature termination charges on fulfilling accumulated gold grams

Reliance My Gold Plan review is meant go give important information to the prospective investors. As the plan is introduced recently, many changes are made while the scheme is still in initial stages.

Reliance My Gold Plan Review – Benefits

*  Convenience of saving 24karat .995 purity gold with 100% security backed by physical gold

*  Can start investing from as low as 1000/- without any waiting to accumulate money to purchase gold

*  Ability to plan for long term gold requirements like daughter marriage, gifts etc., and start investing small amount to fulfill the goal

Reliance My Gold Plan – Conclusion

R-MGP is neither a financial product nor a deposit but a method of purchasing gold through periodic accumulations for the personal needs of the customer. Neither RMPM nor World Gold Council (WGC), or any of their associates, offers any investment advice or promises /forecasts any assured return through R-MGP while promoting the product.

You can also read more about reliance my gold plan and download applications

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