Recently Announced dividends in mutual funds

Dividends in mutual funds

dividends in mutual funds are paid to investors who hold units of the mutual fund scheme as on record date announced by the mutual fund house.latest dividends in mutual funds

In the above table is the list of mutual funds which declared dividends in mutual funds on their schemes. Dividends in mutual funds are paid to investors who hold units of the scheme as on the record date. It is applicable to all the investors who hold units as on record date irrespective of the fact whether they bought units one year back or one week back. Investors should note that NAV (Net Asset Value) of the scheme will be adjusted to the extent of dividend paid on EX-Date (Next business day after Record Date).

Dividends in mutual funds are declared as a percentage on the face value only. If a fund’s unit face value (Face value is the NFO Price which is 10 rupees) is 10 and the dividend is 10%, then the dividend will be 1 Rupee irrespective of the NAV of the fund.

How dividend yield is calculated?

Dividend yield is calculated as a percentage of dividend on Net Asset Value of the Fund. For Eg. If a Fund scheme NAV is 50 rupees and it declares a dividend of 20% then the dividend yield will be 2/50 = 4%.

While choosing between dividend and growth option the important factors one should consider is whether they are investing for tax benefits, long term wealth creation or regular income.

Above table of dividends in mutual funds is tentative and can change. Also as mutual funds often announce and change dividends in mutual funds it is advisable to check with the latest information about the dividends from fund house. You can contactus for any latest information you need regarding dividends in mutual funds