New Fund Offers (NFO) of Mutual Funds

                   NEW FUND OFFERS (NFO)

New Fund Offers are initial offering my mutual fund AMC’s which are issued at their face value for subscription.  They are open for subscription for a particular duration.The list of available New Fund Offers  (NFO) in mutual funds as on 22 Feb 2013. This list of New Fund Offers may not be exhaustive.  For more details about these offers and applications for New Fund Offers Please contact us with your details.

Details of New Fund Offers by various Mutual Fund Houses


If  you are looking for mutual fund applications of existing schemes of any fund house (AMC) you can download them Download Mutual Fund Applications. New Fund Offers are offered from different fund houses occasionally with new concepts and innovations to attract new investors and existing investors with additional investments.  With the notification of Rajiv Gandhi Equity Savings Scheme there are lot of NFO’s in the market to attract new retail investors who never invested before in the equity market. Although, the amount of incentive are not too attractive and a one time tax benefit, many small investors are interested in it.

Before investing in New Fund Offers of mutual funds consider your time of investment horizon, requirement of tax concessions, liquidity concerns, need for regular income etc.,  It is always advisable first to access risk profile and goals of investments. For example, if investment horizon is more than 3 years and tax concessions are important one can consider investing in ELSS (Equity Linked Savings Schemes) which are eligible for tax benefits under 80C of income tax act 1961.

Closed ended funds are typically traded on stock exchanges and to redeem one must have a trading and demat account with any stock broker.  There may be liquidity concerns as these funds do not trade frequently on stock exchanges and liquidity is low.

New fund offers in mutual funds offer open ended schemes. Open ended schemes are suitable to most of the investors as they offer high liquidity and different investment options like growth, dividend and dividend reinvestment.

As the available products and their complexity is increasing day by day, it is advisable to take advice from a qualified professional before taking investment decisions.


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