Gold Accumulation Calculator

Gold Accumulation Calculator

Gold Accumulation calculator let you calculate how much gold you will accumulate with fixed SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) per month.  You can change the inputs like SIP amount, Current gold price (Price of 10gms of Gold), Expected appreciation of Gold per year and Expected returns through investment with SIP. Gold Accumulation calculator helps to get an idea of how much gold you may accumulate at the end of the investment period. It is more useful to investors who wish to save regular amounts to accumulate gold for some major occasions like children marriage, Anniversaries etc., Although it can not give accurate result as most of the inputs are assumptions, it will give an idea how much gold you may accumulate with the amount you are planning to invest per month.

For example, if one has started a SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) with a monthly amount of 5000 rupees for a tenure of 15 years. Gold Accumulation calculator will help to find out how much gold (in grams) can be accumulated with this investment. Enter the SIP amount as 5000 rupees, Tenure in years as 15. SIP returns are usually assumed to be in the range of 15-18% if stay invested for long term. One can change this value as per their instruments of investments. Current Price of gold is, the market price of gold for 10 grams at the time of calculation.  Appreciation in price of gold per year is assumed to be 12% but again this is an assumption and can be changed as per the investor’s estimate.

Gold accumulation calculator can be used to change the fields, SIP amount, Tenure of Investment in years, Assumed SIP returns per year, Current Market Price of Gold per 10 grams and Assumed increase in price of gold per year. Entering these values provide how much gold can be accumulated with the proposed SIP investment.

If the amount of gold required is less than required, either SIP amount can be increased or investments in more risky assets can be considered (Which increases expected return on investment but beware that it has more risk of loss too..). Same way if required amount of gold calculated is more than what is planned for, either SIP amount can be decreased or SIP can be made in more conservative investments with less exposed risk.

Mutual funds investment are subject to market risks. Please read the offer document/SID before investing. This calculator should be used only to get an idea of  how much you need to save every month to accumulate your requirement of gold for future. You may need to recalculate occasionally to adjust the inputs.  This Gold Accumulation Calculator is provided only as a general tool to calculate approximate amount you need to save every month and should not be considered as an investment advice to achieve your goal.