Scripwise Weightage In Nifty- Jun 2015

Nifty Scrip and Sector Weightages List

Scripwise weightage in nifty is the weightage given to each stock of the CNX Nifty nifty to calculate the index value. CNX Nifty index consists of 50 stocks and each stock has a weightage in the calculation of index value during the calculation period.  CNX Nifty which is the index of National Stock Exchange of India was introduced on 03 Nov 1995 with a base value of 1000. CNX Nifty index consists of 50 most liquid stocks across 22 sectors. Total of all the constituents stocks scripwise weightage in nifty gives the value of the index during that calculation period. The computation of nifty is based on the market market free float capitalization weightage method which reflects free float market capitalization of the stocks in the index.

Weightages of Stocks in Nifty is updated in Jun 2015

scripwise weightage in nifty


scripwise weightage in nifty - june 2015

* Beta calculation shown is for the period from 01 June 2014 to 29 May 2015.

* Beta measures the  degree to which any portfolio of stocks is affected as compared to the effect on the market as a whole.

* Volatility is the Std. deviation of the daily returns for the period 01 May 2015 to 29 May 2015.

* Last trading day used for calculation is 29 May 2015.

scripwise weightage in nifty

scripwise weightage in nifty changes occasionally and the selection to include any stock is based on the following methods

–  During last six months, the security should have traded with less than 0.5% or less impact cost on 90% of observations on a trade basket size of Rs 2 Crores. If IPO stocks are to be included the stock must fulfill all the above conditions but the period of observation shall be 3 months in the place of 6 months for other stocks.

–  Atleast 10% of the stock of the company should be free-float. Free-float for this purpose means atleast 10% of the stock of the company should not be in the hands of promoters and their identifiable associates.

scripwise weightage in nifty is important for the purpose of investing in a passive way if the purpose is to mimic the returns of nifty.  The scripwise weightage in nifty changes occasionally as some of the stocks are replaced with new stocks on the occasions like

–  Compulsory changes like corporate actions, delisting etc. In such cases, the stock having largest market capitalization and satisfying other requirements related to liquidity, turnover and free float will be considered for inclusion

–  When a better stock is available for replacement, which is eligible to replace the index stock i.e. the stock with the highest market capitalization in the replacement pool has at least twice the market capitalization of the index stock with the lowest market capitalization.

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