nse fo daily margin file

nse fo daily margin file

NSE fo (F&O or Futures and Options) daily margin file (or) NSE derivatives margins file is applicable to all open positions in futures and options segments.  In future contracts margins (Which Include both SPAN and additional margins) are applicable on both long and short positions.  In options contracts margins are applicable only for sellers of the options. Option buyers pay only premium amount and need not to maintain any margins. NSCCL, which acts as clearing house of National Stock Exchange of india uses highly sophisticated risk measurement system developed by Chicago Merchantile Exchange in 1988 known as SPAN (Standard Portfolio Analysis of Risk).

NSE Margins file shows all the available Stocks for trading in derivatives segment. The fields in F&O Margin file are Scrip Name, Lot size, SPAN Margin, Additional Margin, Span Margin in Percent, Additional Margin in Percent and Total Margin (Addition of SPAN and Additional Margin).

Daily Margin files are an indication of margins applicable for taking derivatives positions in that exchange. This is the minimum margin that must be collected by brokers from their clients. These values changes slightly from broker to broker as each has discretion to increase these margins as per the risk management systems followed.

SPAN Margin File of NSE Futures

SPAN typically measures overall risk in a portfolio of futures and options contracts which is used in calculating nse fo daily margin file .  Millions of calculations by done NSCCL before arriving at margin requirements. Different types of margins collected by NSCCL are initial margin (Based on SPAN Calculation) and exposure margin. Exposure margin is also known as second line of defence in risk management. Exposure margin is calculated at the beginning of month and valid throughout the following month.

nse f&o daily margin file is not a single file. Every day margin files are updated 5 times by NSCCL. One time each before and after trading and three times during trading hours (Market hours).  These updates are sent to all trading members daily five times.  For retail investors in most cases only one nse f&o daily margin file is available.  Unless there is high volatility, the change in these margins will be minimum intraday.

Margins calculated are highly sophisticated and complicated for calculation by individuals.  These are typically calculated by clearing house / clearing corporations and intimated to trading members for implementation. For more detailed information about risk management practices of NSE, read Risk Management and procedures followed in preparing nse f&o daily margin file

nse f&o daily margin file