Futures trading brokerage calculator

Futures trading brokerage calculator

Futures trading brokerage calculator helps to calculate how much brokerage and taxes you pay on your trading in futures.  All the taxes charged to traders while trading in futures is prefilled. Other than Brokerage charged on total turnover, other charges and taxes one need to pay are Turnover Tax, STT (Securities Transaction Tax), Stamp Duty, SEBI Tax and Service Tax.

Futures trading brokerage calculator

There are major changes in lot sizes including Nifty from 50 to 25 from 31 Oct 2014. Read more about changes in this article

Updated on 15 November with new service tax @ 14.5%

How to Use Futures Brokerage Calculator by traders

First, Select the stock from the drop down box from the top left drop down box.  All the securities available for trading in equity derivative segment of National Stock Exchange of India with their lot sizes is updated. One can select a stock from drop down either by scrolling down or keep typing first letter of the future to select.  For example to calculate charges for Nifty,

1) Just Scroll down to  NIFTY in the top left drop down box.

2) Keep typing ‘N’ (Starting letter of Nifty) till Nifty is displayed in the drop down box.

Once desired future is selected, Futures Brokerage Calculator will automatically fill the lot size. Other fields to be filled are buy price, sell price and brokerage in percent.

Futures brokerage calculation will be done automatically once the above fields are entered.  It will show total taxes, Taxes plus brokerage, Profit/loss without brokerage and taxes and Profit/loss after brokerage and taxes.

Breakeven Point in displayed which indicates how much a stock/index in futures need to move after taking a position in the trading direction.  For Example, if Nifty is trading at 6000, it need to move at least 3.14 rupees for the position to break even.  It gives a good indication of how much move is needed so that one can exit their position without loss.

Brokerage and Taxes like service tax, sebi tax, securities transaction taxes and turnover taxes are levied on transactions done in futures trading in recognized stock exchanges in India.  Except brokerage, all other taxes are levied at the same rate for all transactions.  The only way to reduce brokerage and taxes amount is by reducing the brokerage.  It will help to reduce service tax too. Service tax is calculated on the amount of brokerage paid.

Please note that STT is reduced only equity futures from 0.017% to 0.01%. In effect, STT will be 10 rupees on 1 Lack of turnover. Securities Transaction Tax before this proposed reduction was 17 rupees for each lakh of turnover.  However, no change is proposed on delivery based transaction.  However, no change is proposed on Securities Transaction Tax rate on options trading. It would have been a great boon for retail investors if STT on options was reduced inline with reduction on futures.

Lot sizes and list of stocks in the equity derivative segment is last updated on 03 Oct 2013. Please check if the lot sizes are correct at the time of calculation.  There may be change in lot sizes and if you notice any difference please contact for rectification.