commodity brokerage calculator with Commodity Transaction Tax

Commodity brokerage calculator is updated with newly introduced Commodity Transaction Tax in the union budget 2013. Commodity Transaction Tax is notified by government of India on 20 Jun 2013 and effective date of commoidty transaction tax (CTT) is 01 July 2013. Commodity Transaction Tax (CTT) is applicable only for Non-Agri Commodities. 

Commodity Brokerage Calculator

Updated in November 2015 with SEBI Tax on commodities and increased 14.5% service Tax.

Update on 28 Jul 14: Commodity calculator is modified with 3 tabs namely MCX commodity Calculator, NCDEX commodity calculator and common commodity calculator.  In case of doubt about Agri / Non-Agri Classification please use common calculator. Please contact me in case of any suggestions for improvement or correction of errors if, any.

In Commodity brokerage calculator enter values only in yellow cells. All other calculation are automatically done once values are entered and exit the cell. (To exit the cell press Tab on key board).

unlike equities, lot size displayed on trading terminal and actual multiplier values for calculating turnover are different in commodities trading. Below is a table with frequently traded commodities list with screen price shown on the commodity trading terminals, lot size of commodities, tick price and rupee multiplier.

commodity brokerage calculator - commodity multipliers

List of commodities exempted from commodities transaction tax (CTT)


This is the second time Commodity Transaction Tax is proposed in the union budget by Mr Chidambaram. Earlier in 2008 budget Commodity Transaction Tax (CTT) was proposed but as the proposal was not notified it did not come into effect. In 2013 union budget two changes were made on Transaction Taxes.  For Equity Markets, Securities Transaction Tax was reduced from existing 0.017% (17 rupees per one lakh rupees) to 0.01% ( 10 rupees per one lakh rupees) and Commodity Transaction Tax at the same rate as new STT is introduced.

Reduction of STT to 0.01% is notified and is effective from 01 June 2013. Now, Commodity Transaction Tax is expected to be notified and implemented from 01 Jul 2013.  Agri commodities and currency futures are still exempted from any such tax.  The rationale put forward for introducing commodity transaction tax is that a level playing field should be there for equity and commodity exchange.

Disclaimer:  Brokerage calculator for commodities is provided for educational purposes only and NOT to be used in trading decisions.